New Book Release Authored by Andersen Alumnus Jen Todd, MSOD: Nuggets of Truth: Wisdom for Centering Your Soul in Unsettling Times

Authored by: Jen Todd, Andersen Business Consulting Recruiting Director, Operations Manager, and People Strategy Consultant (Chicago Office)

Do you sometimes feel trapped by expectations, busyness, overwhelm or the stress going on at work, home or in the world? Taking you out of the fray, this book brings you back to the voice of your soul and plugs you into a wellspring of peace and purpose.

Daily Nuggets of Truth are quick readings to help you quiet your mind, get centered, connect with truth and shift to an empowering mindset. Every day has a challenge that many of us face like never-ending to-do lists, constant distractions, emotional drains, facing fears, feeling purposeless or not good enough.

These short little daily inspirations allow you to step away from the noise and only take 2-3 minutes to read. Because really, nowadays, who has time for more than that? There are 30 days of readings, so each day you get a new perspective and boost of energy.

Each page includes a powerful “nugget” of wisdom, an affirmative prayer and a positive mantra that will transform how you relate to the challenges of our time.

If you need a spark of light and want more peace in your mind, heart, body and spirit, this little companion book is for you.

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Author Biography: Jen Todd is an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant. She is the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Partners Inc. She is known for life-changing insights and facilitation that result in transformational change for leaders, teams and organizations. Jen is an author, speaker, Global Change Consultant and Women’s Empowerment Advocate.

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